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Vacation rooms in Israel

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Vacation rooms in Israel
Vacation rooms in Israel Area #
Vacation rooms in Tel Aviv - Jaffa Hotels In Tel Aviv - Jaffa
Vacation rooms in Jerusalem Hotels In Jerusalem
Vacation rooms in Dead Sea Hotels In Dead Sea
Vacation rooms in Eilat Hotels In Eilat
Vacation rooms in Netanya - Hadera Hotels In Netanya - Hadera
Vacation rooms in Haifa Hotels In Haifa
Vacation rooms in Herzeliya , Raanana Hotels In Herzeliya , Raanana
Vacation rooms in Tiberius Hotels In Tiberius
Vacation rooms in Galilee & North Hotels In Galilee & North
Vacation rooms in Akko - Nahariya Hotels In Akko - Nahariya
Vacation rooms in Ashkelon - Beer Sheva Hotels In Ashkelon - Beer Sheva
Vacation rooms in Mitzpe Ramon Hotels In Mitzpe Ramon
Vacation rooms in Nazareth - Maalot -Beit She`an Hotels In Nazareth - Maalot -Beit She`an
Vacation rooms in Ashdod Hotels In Ashdod
Vacation rooms in Ramat Gan Hotels In Ramat Gan
Vacation rooms in Caesarea, Zichron Hotels In Caesarea, Zichron

Vacation Hotels in Israel

A Vacation in Israel to Remember for a Lifetime

Israel is one of the countries in the world that thrives in tourism. In 2012 alone, around 3.5 million tourists went on vacation in Israel. It has been a tourist magnet for many decades for its cultural, historical, and religious sites and attractions.

In addition, hotels in Israel also provide tourists many opportunities to immerse in ecotourism and archaeological tourism, which not many countries in the world offer visitors. A vacation in Israel is not complete without an exploration of its many nature reserves and national parks. The country boasts of around 190 nature reserves and 67 national parks. The Bar'am National Park is the site of the Ancient Synagogue while the Gan HaShlosha National Park has natural warm pools. The Shivta National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Israel’s most famous locations such as the Western Wall, Masada, Eilat seaside resorts, and the grave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yocha are often included in guided tours that Hotels Israel offer visitors. In addition, there are other UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Israel that first-time visitors usually include in their tour itineraries. Three of these are the archaeological landmarks of Tel Megiddo, Tel Hazor, and Tel Be'er Sheva,

Tourists going on a vacation in Isreal always make it a point to go to Jerusalem, its most visited city. Hotels in Israel that are in the vicinity of this area bring their guests to tours of the Old City to visit holy sites and buy souvenirs from the market. Tel Aviv is another major city in Israel that receives a large share of international visitors. In 2011, almost three million tourists went to this cosmopolitan city of three million people. Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel and the center for finance and culture. Tel Aviv has some of the best beaches in the region and the best night life scene in the Middle East as well.

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