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Cheap Hotels In Israel
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Luxury Hotels in Tel Aviv - Jaffa Hotels In Tel Aviv - Jaffa
Luxury Hotels in Jerusalem Hotels In Jerusalem
Luxury Hotels in Dead Sea Hotels In Dead Sea
Luxury Hotels in Eilat Hotels In Eilat
Luxury Hotels in Netanya - Hadera Hotels In Netanya - Hadera
Luxury Hotels in Haifa Hotels In Haifa
Luxury Hotels in Herzeliya , Raanana Hotels In Herzeliya , Raanana
Luxury Hotels in Tiberius Hotels In Tiberius
Luxury Hotels in Galilee & North Hotels In Galilee & North
Luxury Hotels in Akko - Nahariya Hotels In Akko - Nahariya
Luxury Hotels in Ashkelon - Beer Sheva Hotels In Ashkelon - Beer Sheva
Luxury Hotels in Mitzpe Ramon Hotels In Mitzpe Ramon
Luxury Hotels in Nazareth - Maalot -Beit She`an Hotels In Nazareth - Maalot -Beit She`an
Luxury Hotels in Ashdod Hotels In Ashdod
Luxury Hotels in Ramat Gan Hotels In Ramat Gan
Luxury Hotels in Caesarea, Zichron Hotels In Caesarea, Zichron

Luxury Hotels in Israel

Luxury hotels in Israel

Israel has been a great place of tourism due to its historical and religious sites, beach area having resorts, archaeological places, heritage and many other things. Due to that tourism is one of the major sources of income in Israel. Israel has the highest number of museums in the world. People all over the world visit Israel to visit the tourist places. Some of the great cities to be visited in Israel are Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Tiberias, Nazareth, Beersheba and Caesarea. So if you are planning to visit Israel then you should give a go for it. Luxury hotels in Israel are in plenty and you can find them in every good city. Luxury hotels in Israel provide all the types of amenities with all types of foods for the travelers. Here we will mention some of the good luxury hotels Israel so that you can think of staying there on your visit to Israel.

InterContinental David Tel Aviv

It’s a world class hotel in the heart of Israel in the Tel Aviv city center. It is on the beachside and a short drive from Ben Gurion airport. It has beautiful and spacious rooms showing the view of the sea. If you want to enjoy a great hospitality then do visit InterContinental David Tel Aviv.

The King David, Jerusalem

It is one of the most famous luxury hotels in Israel and it overlooks the old city of Jerusalem. It is a preferred choice of the leaders and world’s famous personalities. The hospitality is first class and every occasion is enjoyed in King David hotel. The dedicated staff ensures the full comfort of the vacationer staying there and provides a memorable experience. It is renowned for its warm welcome, hospitality and luxurious and well appointed guestrooms and suites.

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