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Welcome to hotels in Israel directly from Come2Israel, Israel's on-line hotel rooms reservation. The site connects you to all providers' rooms in Israel Hotels and updated regularly by the hotels throughout the Israel and allows you to view on-line availability & the best prices. Here you always get very attractive price to hotels for families, couples, spa vacation. Hotels in Eilat, hotels in the Dead Sea area, hotels in the center of Israel, north and south. also we can offer you, tours around Israel, rent a car & transfer from Ben-Goryon airport in Tel Aviv. In Israel we are home, for you, 24 hours help. Our office is here for you. Well come 2 Israel.

Latest reviews Hotels Israel
In our opinion, should improve Ikion rooms including vacuuming, additional test track faster than greeting guests in the lobby,

Very good
Room service and cleanliness bad.

Lagoona Hotel Eilat Israel
Very good
A small pool and shaded, preventing water Lhtzhmm

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