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Alonei Habashan Guest House רשת הארחה בקיבוצים

Grade 8.85
From 2 Reviews


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Last week Alonei Habashan Guest House had 788 viewers and 14 bookings.
Moshav Aloni HaBashan, surrounded by a beautiful nature reserve (a forest reserve) and the second largest natural forest in the Golan Heights. alonei habashan guest house have 28 clean and pleasant guest units for a family or family vacation in a communal Torah atmosphere. In our guest house, you can enjoy the private swimming pool, table games such as table football, ice hockey, ping pong, pool, huge grass areas, basketball court, tennis and soccer, and outdoor fitness facilities. Our guest house offers Torah lessons and fascinating lectures, a horse farm offering guided riding tours and re-observation of the ridge (extra fee), in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
Guest rooms have free Wi-Fi. Free private parking.
The Kashrut is Mehadrin under the supervision of Rabbi of Aloni Habashan, Rabbi Avraham Sher Shalom. There is a synagogue and there is a mikvah.
Facilities :
√ 28 guests’ Rooms
√ Grass yards and Barbecue areas
√ Free WIFI Internet connection
√ Supermarket open for guests
√ Sports and entertainment facilities near the rooms
√ Kashrut certificate under the supervision of Mehadrin
√ with separate swimming hours male/female swimming pool (season)
√ Artists workshops, glass blowing, carving wood `mezuzot` and more
Alonei Habashan south Golan Israel
Grade 8.85 , From 2. Reviews
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