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Holiday in Israel in Tiberias

popular destination for many kinds of tourists from all over the world  because for more than 2,000 years this thriving recreational city that is built around 17 natural mineral hot springs that are situated more than 600 feet below sea level, have  welcomed visitors from every part of the ancient and modern  world

. The city was named Tiberias in honor of the Roman “Emperor Tiberius”. Tiberius city continues to play an important role in Jewish and Christian history. In the Talmudic period of history Tiberius was an important spiritual center. The “Mishna” (the first major writings of Rabbinic Judaism dated from 200 C.E) was completed in Tiberius, the great Jewish sage Maimonides was buried in Tiberius in 1204, His tomb is only a short distance from the town center. The many Hotels in Tiberias range from Luxury through to budget and are mostly in town where the restaurant areas are. Afternoon tea in the lobby of The Scots hotel is unforgettable. Dinner in local Arab oriental or Jewish cuisine restaurants through to fish restaurants or even Chinese food. All is there for your preference.Prima hotels, The Club Hotels and Leonardo Hotels are just a few of the Israeli chain hotels in Tiberius to choose from


 .Look through the Come2Israel website for all hotel details, even what to expect in your room, and book on the spot.
Early Zionist pioneers established some of Israel's first kibbutzim at the turn of the century in the Tiberius area. Today in our busy lives we can take some timeout and go and stay in a Kibbutz Guest House Hotel, the rustic pastoral regions give us time to rest during our busy touring of Israel. Here you can relax by the swimming pool and plan the rest of your vacation or daily tours. If you haven’t booked your daily tours through the Come2Israel website, now is the time to do so. Even under the sunshade by the swimming pool or on the Kinneret water’s edge, a couple of clicks on your laptop and your daily tours are booked with confidence that you will have a great time. The Kibbutz Hotels Chain is Israel's largest, most widespread network of Hotels, Country Lodging and Holiday Villages in short something for everyone’s taste and budget Among Israel's best-kept secrets are the kibbutzim hotels, there are about 25 kibbutz hotels and holiday villages throughout Israel from the northern Galilee to the Negev in the south, from the Mediterranean Sea across to the Jordan River.  A chance to escape the crowded cities and long tours and relax in an informal and intimate atmosphere. The hotel accommodations range from the luxurious to budget, the food is wholesome and plentiful and of course the prices are affordable.


  Tiberius is set on the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee. The Sea is roughly 650 feet below sea level and is 14 miles long and 7 1/2 miles wide at its widest point. The Sea is the major source of fresh water for the entire country of Israel. The Sea of Galillee is really a lake with a biblical name “Kinneret”.


 The New Testament contains several references to the Sea of Galilee, as this is where Jesus calmed the stormy sea (Mathew 8) and walked on the water (Mathew 14). Just outside Tiberius is the ancient town of Hammat, which boasts the hottest (140º) mineral springs in Israel and has, not surprisingly, become a popular spa; The hotel Hammat also has an ancient synagogue built in 341 that has a magnificent mosaic floor.   The so-called “Jesus boat,” which is a 2,000-year-old boat excavated from Lake Kinneret in 1985 that was probably used at the time of Jesus. There are many Sites of Christian Pilgrimage to visit in the Tiberius

New Hotels in Tiberius

* Holiday in Israel in Tiberias

Great Hotels in Tiberius

La Perla Hotel Tiberius
Nehara Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov
Hotel Jakob Tiberias
El Mul Golan Hotel Kibbutz Sha`ar Hagolan
Country Lodging Kibbutz Degania
Alpha resort Kibbutz Beit Alfa
Nir David Country Lodge, Kibbutz Nir David
U Boutique Kinneret Tiberias
Days Hotel Tiberias
Royal Plaza Hotel Tiberias
Maagan Eden Hotel Holiday Village
Kibbutz Lavi Hotel Galilee
Caesar Hotel Tiberias
Prima Galil Hotel Tiberias
King Solomon Hotel Tiberias
Kinar Galilee Hotel Tiberius
Shirat Hayam Tiberius
Nof Ginosar Kibbutz Hotel Near Tiberias
Ohalo Hotel Near Tiberias
Leonardo Tiberias Hotel
Leonardo Club Hotel Tiberias
Daria Village Resort Kibbutz Haon
Golan Hotel Tiberias
Lake House Hotel Tiberius
Astoria Galilee Hotel Tiberias
Gai Beach Hotel Tiberias
The Scots Hotel Tiberias
Europa Hotel Tiberias
Leonardo Plaza Hotel Tiberias
Setai Hotel Sea of Galilee
Sofia Kineret Hotel Tiberius
Gomeh hotel Tiberias
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