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Trip Bat-Sheva Hotel Jerusalem רשת מלונות לשם רמדה

Grade 9.19
From 6 Reviews


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Last week Trip Bat-Sheva Hotel Jerusalem had 635 viewers and 12 bookings.
The Tripp Bat-Sheva Hotel is a part of the International Wyndham chain and located on King George Street, in the center of Jerusalem near Paris Square, the Great Synagogue, the Mahaneh Yehuda Market, museums, attractions, cafes and restaurants. The hotel located walking distance of the Jaffa Gate and from there to the Western Wall. From the hotel`s roof, you can see the contemporary Jerusalem landscape and the 3000 years of the city`s history. The hotel has 79 beautiful and well-equipped rooms for a maximum of experience.
Facilities :
√ Gym
√ Conference room
√ 79 Rooms & Suites
√ Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel
√ Handicap accessible rooms (requested in advance)
42 King George Street, Jerusalem Israel
Grade 9.19 , From 6. Reviews
A new boutique hotel, charming design, feels really externally. The rooms are not large, but the rest is entirely compensatory. Excellent service. Very clean. Luxurious shower. Shell location, within walking distance from anywhere. The most reasonable price. We had a perfect vacation and we will definitely return.

אילנה - 7/4/2018
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