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Europa Hotel Tiberias 

Grade 9.06
From 33 Reviews


Hotel rooms





Last week Europa Hotel Tiberias had 1346 viewers and 12 bookings.
Tiberius Hotel Europe is located in a historic building from 1917 and retains its authentic European elements. The hotel is suitable for couples, individuals, businessmen and groups, who want an unforgettable vacation. It is located about 200 meters from the beach. The hotel has a kosher Chef restaurant Victoria restaurant, with a menu includes Balkan and Turkish style.
The hotel have a free Wi-Fi and free parking.
Facilities :
√ Lobby bar
√ Spa & Gym
√ Swimming pool
√ Function halls
√ 33 Guestrooms
√ Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel
√ Kashrut certificate under the supervision of Tiberius Rabbinate
3 Hapalmach ST., Tiberias, Israel
Grade 9.06 , From 33. Reviews
Hotel facilities; gives very valuable. Breakfast and dinner as the restaurant with the same menu every day. I think the bidders have to update it. There is no hotel lobby and sit outside in the rain Ainafsr.

חנה - 13/12/2015
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