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Bay Club Hotel Haifa רשת מלונות אטלס

Grade 7.82
From 134 Reviews


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Last week Bay Club Hotel Haifa had 559 viewers and 10 bookings.
Bay Club Haifa Hotel is located in the center of the Carmel, in a building built in 1912 that has been preserved and restored. A boutique hotel overlooking Mount Carmel and the impressive view of the bay. The Bay Club Haifa Hotel has 54 rooms decorated in a Mediterranean luxury style in the 1930s. The hotel is surrounded by a garden and a magical orchard with fruit trees and old trees. The hotel has a quality breakfast and light refreshments, wine and hot drinks every evening (Sundays-Thursdays). Free Wi-Fi and public parking (for a fee) are available throughout the hotel. The hotel is within walking distance to main shopping streets. An 8 minute drive to the Baha`i Gardens and a 15 minute drive to the train & bus station.
Facilities :
√ 55 Guestrooms
√ Free bicycle rental
√ Free PC/Internet in the lobby
√ Nearby car parking (for a fee)
√ Free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel
√ Free refreshments and soft drinks every evening
7 Hasan Shukri Street, Haifa Israel
Grade 7.82 , From 134. Reviews
Already clear to us that a vacation as we love each other very much loved hotels Atlas weekend at Haifa, you are wonderful network

אנה - 21/8/2016
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Map Bay Club Hotel Haifa
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