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Leonardo Privilege Hotel Eilat רשת מלונות פתאל

Grade 8.56
From 481 Reviews


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Last week Leonardo Privilege Hotel Eilat had 2200 viewers and 16 bookings.
It’s so nice to come to a place in Eilat like the Leonardo Privilege where the hotel’s management has ‘thought of everything’ to make your visit truly enjoyable. Here’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself while knowing that your children will be delighted too. Leonardo Privilege Hotel is just a 7 minute drive to the Eilat Airport and a 10 minute drive to the Dolphin Reef. Included in the price are 3 meals a day, coffee & cake and a night snack, plus activities and entertainment for the whole family.
Facilities :
√ Lobby bar
√ Spa & Gym
√ Synagogue
√ Entertainment
√ 2 Swimming pools
√ Convention Center
√ Internet free of charge
√ 247 Guestrooms & suites
√ Free Parking (upon availability)
√ Handicap accessible rooms (requested in advance)
√ Kashrut certificate under the supervision of Eilat Rabbinate
3 Kamen street, North Shore, Eilat Israel
Grade 8.56 , From 481. Reviews
I have nothing to say except to tell you that I'm crying for returning home a perfect vacation. Rare, rare food, a huge selection, and every meal we ate was completely different. It is unbelievable how much food can be varied. The sweet bars at each meal were amazing in their beauty and taste. How will I cook now sit ???

שיראל - 22/8/2017
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