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Armon Yam Hotel Bat Yam 

Grade 7.99
From 162 Reviews


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Last week Armon Yam Hotel Bat Yam had 500 viewers and 13 bookings.
Armon Yam Bat Yam Hotel is located on the renewed promenade, opposite the beautiful beach of the city of Bat Yam. Armon Yam Bat Yam Hotel has 66 refurbished, high-quality, modern rooms, equipped with free Wi-Fi in the lobby and rooms. The hotel places special emphasis on customer service and a smile that begins with the reception. The hotel staff will always be at your service with a reception desk staffed 24/7. Around the hotel, you can find restaurants and water parks. The hotel has a kosher certificate and nearby public parking.Easy access to all major highways and just a mere 20-minute drive from Tel Aviv`s city center.
Facilities :
√ Laundry
√ Car rental
√ 66 Guestrooms
√ Money exchange
√ Free Wi-Fi access
√ Parking (upon availability)
√ Office and business facilities
√ No handicap accessible rooms
√ Kashrut certificate under the supervision of the Bat Yam Rabbinate
95 Ben Gurion Street, Bat Yam Israel
Grade 7.99 , From 162. Reviews

אריה וריבקה - 10/7/2015
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Map Armon Yam Hotel Bat Yam
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