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Merom Golan Kibbutz Hotel רשת הארחה בקיבוצים

Grade 8.31
From 170 Reviews


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Last week Merom Golan Kibbutz Hotel had 744 viewers and 17 bookings.
Merom Golan Country Lodging is located in Kibbutz Merom Golan at the base of Mount Bental. Merom Golan Resort Village is a touristic focal point in the north of the Golan Heights. The place’s unique nature creates a classic European atmosphere. Due to the special climate typical of places 1000 meters above sea level you can enjoy the abundance of spaces, the variety of nature reserves, parks and unique vegetation and flora throughout the seasons. The weather in Merom Golan creates unforgettable experiences, both in cool summer days, as well as in snowy winter days. In the Kibbutz guests can enjoy horse riding, electrical bicycles, a petting zoo, metal and wood sculpturing artists and guided tours. Just 21 km from Mount Hermon.
Facilities :
√ Lobby bar
√ 72 Rooms
√ Synagogue
√ Petting zoo
√ Sport courts
√ Free parking
√ Supermarket
√ Conference halls
√ Large playground
√ Covered heated swimming pool
√ Kashrut certificate under the supervision of Ramat Golan Rabbinate
Kibbutz Merom Golan, Golan Heights Israel
Grade 8.31 , From 170. Reviews
Hospitality was perfect food was delicious atmosphere as Texas enjoyed up to the sky literally is recommended by us

דוד - 14/10/2016
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