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Kibbutz Lavi Hotel Galilee רשת הארחה בקיבוצים

Grade 9.64
From 51 Reviews


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Last week Kibbutz Lavi Hotel Galilee had 1106 viewers and 15 bookings.
Looking for a hotel in a religious, rural and unique atmosphere? Come and stay with us at the Lavi Hotel. Kibbutz Lavi in the Lower Galilee, close to the Sea of Galilee. The Lavi Hotel was established in 1962 and is a 10-minute drive from Tiberias. The hotel has 183 rooms, including suites, deluxe rooms and garden rooms, a luxurious restaurant, spacious lobby and halls of various sizes. The hotel offers a variety of activities: gym, heated swimming pool, riders` experience, milking activities for children, trips and sports. The Lavi Hotel is staffed and maintained by members of Kibbutz Lavi. The hotel is for the religious public. All the rooms and facilities of the hotel, including the lobby, the kitchen, the dining room, the restaurant, the pool, and the standard of kashrut (mehadrin), are with strict halachic rulings.
The hotel has a large and spacious synagogue and a Beit Midrash. Leaving the rooms on Saturday nights only.
Facilities :
√ Parking
√ Sauna, Gym
√ Gourmet restaurant
√ Heated swimming pool
√ Strict high-level Kosher
√ 183 rooms, Room Service
√ Library of Jewish literature
√ Laundry/dry cleaning/ironing
√ Tennis courts, Table tennis, Bike rental
Kibbutz Lavi Galilee Israel
Grade 9.64 , From 51. Reviews
Looking forward to the next vacation

אסתי - 19/2/2019
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