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YMCA The Three Arches Hotel Jerusalem 

Grade 10
From 3 Reviews


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Last week YMCA The Three Arches Hotel Jerusalem had 553 viewers and 10 bookings.
The three-arched YMCA Hotel is located in the historic YMCA building in the heart of Jerusalem. The YMCA building, identified by the tall bell tower that rises 46 meters above it, contains a variety of architectural wonders and works of art. The YMCA Three Arches Hotel offers its visitors friendly accommodation, which combines a comfortable and modern accommodation experience with the charm of an old world. YNCM hotel with 54 rooms. All of our rooms feature beautiful views of the YMCA gardens below and historic Jerusalem vistas, many with views of the king David street. All rooms are furnished with two twin beds, with an option for a third. The central location of the hotel, close to the King David Hotel and a few minutes from the Jaffa Gate and the entertainment centers, give a perfect experience of visiting Jerusalem. The hotel has a spa activity that includes: a sauna, a fitness center, a Jacuzzi and an indoor swimming pool. Free Wi-Fi. Free parking for hotel guests (Washington 4, Jerusalem). The hotel does not have a kosher certificate and the food served at breakfast contains kosher ingredients.
Facilities :
√ Indoor swimming pool
√ Bar lobby with courtyard and lawns
√ Auditorium for cultural performances
√ 54 Guestrooms with views of the YMCA gardens
√ Spa activities including: sauna, fitness center, Jacuzzi
√ Free parking for hotel guests (Washington 4, Jerusalem)
26 King David Street, Jerusalem Israel
Grade 10 , From 3. Reviews
A charming hotel with an excellent and tolerant attitude of the staff. A family and pleasant feeling. Close to everywhere. recommended

לינדה - 21/11/2021
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Map YMCA The Three Arches Hotel Jerusalem
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