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Eilot Country Lodging Kibbutz Eilot רשת הארחה בקיבוצים

Grade 9.08
From 123 Reviews


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Last week Eilot Country Lodging Kibbutz Eilot had 371 viewers and 10 bookings.
The Eilot Country Lodging is located in Kibbutz Eilot, near Eilat, and is the southernmost kibbutz in Israel. Our country lodging in Kibbutz Eilot offers guests a vacation close to Eilat and the shores of the Red Sea and Sinai beaches, as well as a charming and luxurious kibbutz atmosphere. The accommodation is suitable for families and couples interested in unique hospitality. In the rural hospitality of Eilot you will find 41 family vacation units, 25 of which are family homes built on a hill overlooking the Gulf of Eilat, the Sinai Mountains and the Edom Mountains. The vacation units are spacious, air-conditioned and equipped, surrounded by green lawns, shaded seating areas, barbecue areas and lots of green, hammocks and a pastoral kibbutz atmosphere. For our guests at the resort we offer free use of the outdoor pool and the indoor pool (at the Sunrise Hotel on the kibbutz), meals at the palm-paddle restaurant, a country restaurant in a free buffet. The resort has free parking and free Wi-Fi.
Facilities :
√ gift shop
√ 41 guests Rooms
√ 2 Swimming Pools
√ Grass yards and barbecue areas
√ Free WI-FI internet connection
√ Collective tour and agricultural tours (for a fee)
√ Restaurant Palm Dates, a country restaurant i
√ Kashrut certificate under the supervision of Rabbinate
Kibbutz Eilot Near Eilat
Grade 9.08 , From 123. Reviews

רות - 2/1/2022
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Map Eilot Country Lodging Kibbutz Eilot
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