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Nir David Country Lodge, Kibbutz Nir David רשת הארחה בקיבוצים

Grade 9.14
From 87 Reviews


Hotel rooms





Last week Nir David Country Lodge, Kibbutz Nir David had 638 viewers and 11 bookings.
Nir David Country Lodge situated along the Asi River and the hot spring Hasachne, not far from the city of Bait- She`an and the city of Tiberius. In the complex are 50 beautiful wooden cabins located between lawns and trees. Nir David Accommodation offers a family vacation with plenty of experiences and attractions for children and parents, or a romantic vacation for couples in wooden huts facing Mount Gilboa. There is internet in the open spaces of the accommodation site. Free parking. Nir David hosts breakfast with a kosher certificate, and there are rooms adapted for the disabled.
Facilities :
√ 50 Guestrooms
√ Playground area
√ Mini-Market near by
√ Built-in B.B.Q. with night lighting
√ Air-conditioned conference room
√ Free entrance to Gan Hashlosha (Hashana)
√ Kashrut certificate under the supervision of the Jordan Valley Rabbinical Council
√ A variety of experiences, nature tours and massage oils (additional charge)
√ Free entry to the Nir David sports center, which includes: a heated indoor swimming pool, a sauna and a fitness center
Kibbutz Nir David, Israel
Grade 9.14 , From 87. Reviews
Highly recommended

ילנה - 10/9/2019
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Map Nir David Country Lodge, Kibbutz Nir David
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