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Royal Beach Hotel Eilat רשת מלונות ישרוטל

Grade 9.65
From 549 Reviews


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Last week Royal Beach Hotel Eilat had 2567 viewers and 26 bookings.
Isrotel Royal Beach Hotel Eilat is the most elegant and luxurious hotel in Eilat and is a luxury holiday hotel. The Isrotel Royal Beach Hotel Eilat has 16 floors and 5 elevators. Isrotel Royal Beach Hotel Eilat is located directly on the Red Sea coast. In the summer months there will be major evening performances for adults. Adult activities will include aqua aerobics (some days of the week) and a player / singer as background music in a relaxed atmosphere in the quiet lobby, spa and health services, 3 swimming pools on two levels. The hotel has parking based on available space, free Wi-Fi, kosher certificate, synagogue and disabled rooms (prior request) and access to most public areas.
Facilities :
√ Gym
√ Beach
√ Free parking
√ Room service
√ 3 Swimming pools
√ Laundry (additional fee)
√ 353 Guestrooms & suites
√ Synagogue & Shabbat elevator
√ Free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel
√ Kashrut certificate under the supervision of Eilat Rabbinate
√ Handicap accessible rooms (requested in advance) & access to most public areas
1 Hayam street, North Beach, Eilat Israel
Grade 9.65 , From 549. Reviews
Everything was great, except the car service, instead of parking the car for me, you let me shop alone in minus 1, and hop on foot 1 from the car to the hotel, it should be noted that I also announced in the reservation, that I walk on crutches besides it was fun fun fun ...

אלעד - 28/10/2021
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