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Prima Palace Hotel Jerusalem רשת מלונות פרימה

Grade 8.28
From 427 Reviews


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Last week Prima Palace Hotel Jerusalem had 749 viewers and 10 bookings.
Prima Palace Jerusalem Hotel is located in the center of Jerusalem, within walking distance of the Western Wall and the holy places. Prima Palace Hotel, an ultra-Orthodox religious hotel that allows its guests to feel and soak up the holy atmosphere of Jerusalem. The Prima Palace Hotel Jerusalem has 76 rooms. The hotel has a mehadrin kosher certificate under the supervision of the Badatz, free parking based on availability, there is a synagogue and disabled rooms (upon request) and access to most public areas. Distance from Ben Gurion Airport- 61 km.
Facilities :
√ Event halls
√ 76 Guestrooms
√ Free parking (upon availability)
√ Synagogue & Shabbat elevator
√ Free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel
√ Free entrance to men`s Mikveh situated in the Hotel
√ Glatt le’Mehadrin Badatz Agudat Israel Kosher hotel
√ Laundry, Dry cleaning & Ironing Service (additional fee)
√ Handicap accessible rooms (requested in advance) & access to most public areas
2 Pines Street, Jerusalem Israel
Grade 8.28 , From 427. Reviews
Although we were a short time, but we enjoyed every second, near Mahane Yehuda, Lmrczhair, bars, and I Cadmdti, tap Washing hands, hope, which is not any hotel, the only thing you need to improve, this parking for hotel guests, or at least an arrangement with a parking lot close beyond that, we enjoyed every minute

שמעון - 7/10/2016
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