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Ohalo Hotel Near Tiberias 

Grade 8.57
From 835 Reviews


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Last week Ohalo Hotel Near Tiberias had 1295 viewers and 16 bookings.
The special location of the village, next to road 90, makes it a place that is easy to reach For all those holiday makers looking For a hotel next to the kinneret. The site is located in an area rich in attractions, hiking trails, historical sites and places to just have fun. Spacious guest rooms, a varied, kosher menu and breathtaking views over the kinneret make your stay special. Add the peace, the tranquility and the natural beauty of this area and a special stay becomes memorable.
Facilities :
√ Synagogue
√ Playground area
√ Conference rooms
√ 36 Tamar Guestrooms
√ 24 hours reception service
√ Free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel
√ Business Lounge with 2 computer stations free of charge
√ Free entrance to the swimming pool of Kibbutz Kinneret (in season)
√ Kashrut certificate under the supervision of the Jordan Valley Rabbinical Council
Kibbutz Kinneret, Jordan Valley Israel
Grade 8.57 , From 835. Reviews
The beauty of the place and the service ... everyone was very nice to us ... everything is neat and tidy ... good food ... nice view ... we loved Thanks

גריגורי - 14/6/2015
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