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Leonardo Club Hotel Eilat רשת מלונות פתאל

Grade 9.38
From 754 Reviews


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Last week Leonardo Club Hotel Eilat had 1853 viewers and 17 bookings.
The hotel enjoys an excellent location on Eilat’s North Shore, just 500 meters from the beach and a few minutes walk from the city center. The city’s main ‘Ha’Yam’ Shopping Mall is close by and the IMAX 3D cinema is also within easy reach. You’ll find an amusement park along the nearby beach promenade. The hotel serves 3 meals a day, soft drinks, beers, wines and snacks- all included in the price. Within 5 minutes walk to the Ice Mall. Distance from Eilat Airport- 1.5 km.
Facilities :
√ Spa
√ Elevators
√ Lobby bar
√ Water park
√ Game room
√ 282 Guestrooms
√ Swimming Pools
√ Free WiFi access
√ Convention centers
√ Parking (upon availability)
√ Synagogue & Shabbat elevator
√ Handicap accessible rooms (requested in advance)
√ Kashrut certificate under the supervision of Eilat Rabbinate
Kampen street, North Shore, Eilat Israel
Grade 9.38 , From 754. Reviews
Charming Experience. Personal service. Ratio great starting from reception, animation team smiling and Hmksim.la remember all their names, but all of them were great light yoga, Adi horizon and sealed the coast helped snorkels and windsurfing, the maid left is dropped, Ahzkhmnorh who worked at the bedside, immediately Toknmhmltzrim compassionate rushing to help and cooks positions serving Hmaolim.haocl was very varied, fresh, plentiful, tasty huge compliment that we are very fussy food preparation was crushed babies Mtzointla had to leave the hotel for anything. All there and we responded quickly and politely wonderful.

אבי - 15/2/2017
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