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Astral Village Hotel Eilat רשת מלונות אסטרל

Grade 8.27
From 825 Reviews


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Last week Astral Village Hotel Eilat had 642 viewers and 10 bookings.
Astral Village Hotel Eilat is located on the north coast, near the marina, a unique resort hotel whose rooms are all ground-level. Astral Village Hotel Eilat has 186 rooms and suites furnished with the best equipment for the well-being of guests. The hotel`s restaurant `Ananda` overlooks the pool and offers a culinary experience. The hotel has a variety of activities for children and adults. Astral Village Hotel Eilat has a kosher certificate, a synagogue, parking adjacent to the rooms (subject to availability), free Wi-Fi and disabled rooms (Preorder) and access to public areas.
Facilities :
√ Event hall
√ Children’s club
√ Parking for a free
√ 182 Guestrooms and suites
√ Free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel
√ Swimming pools (heated during the winter)
√ Kashrut certificate under the supervision of Eilat Rabbinate
√ Handicap accessible rooms (requested in advance) & access to most public areas
Kamen Street, Eilat Israel
Grade 8.27 , From 825. Reviews
מלון נקי, חדרים אחרמ שיפוץ וחידוש, מזגן מקפיא היה מצוין

דמיאן - 29/8/2020
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