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Gomeh hotel Tiberias רשת מלונות ישרוטל

Grade 9.62
From 19 Reviews


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Last week Gomeh hotel Tiberias had 640 viewers and 10 bookings.
The Gomeh Hotel, part of Isrotel`s luxury hotel chain, is located on the Sea of Galilee on the northwest coast. At the Gomeh Kinneret Hotel, 200 rooms are designed and equipped to a high standard and include balconies overlooking the Sea of Galilee and the surrounding area. The hotel has a large lobby floor, surrounded by glass walls overlooking the pool and the Sea of Galilee. At the exit from the lobby there is a balcony overlooking the Sea of Galilee, with about 20 seats, and below it an additional area (not covered) for seating for up to 50 people, a bar, conference rooms, a gym and a Shanti terrace. The hotel’s restaurant offers internationally scented breakfasts and dinners. The hotel has a semi-Olympic outdoor pool located in front of the Sea of Galilee. There is access from the hotel to the shores of the Sea of Galilee. The Tiberias Rabbinate Kosher Hotel. The hotel has disabled rooms (upon request)
Facilities :
√ Outdoor parking
√ Gym and sauna
√ Spa & massage rooms
√ Internet free of charge
√ Private access to the beach
√ Swimming pool (in season)
√ Synagogue & Shabbat elevator
√ Handicap accessible rooms (requested in advance)
√ Kashrut certificate under the supervision of Tiberius Rabbinate
√ The hotel restaurant offers internationally scented breakfasts and dinners
he Hotels Road 1, Migdal Beach, 149500
Grade 9.62 , From 19. Reviews
Excellent and beyond

משה - 2/5/2022
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